Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 2508

Starform Transparent Glitter Stickers gold: 7003, 9301.
Card: pink (14,8x10,5 cm).
Cardboard: yellow, light blue, green, purple, orange, white.

Cut off the right side of the pink front card. Cut out the Easter basket of the stickersheet and cut loose all parts. Stick the Easter eggs onto yellow, pink and orange cardboard, the bow onto purple cardboard, and the parts of the Easter basket onto white cardboard. Cut out all parts and stick them onto a light blue rectangle (13,5x10 cm) in original pattern using foamtape. Stick 4 chicks onto yellow cardboard, 8 Easter eggs onto pink and orange cardboard, and cut them out. Stick them in an oval pattern around the basket using foamtape and cut out the cardboard in egg shape. Stick the Easter egg onto a green rectangle (14,5x10,5 cm) and rip the egg somewhat larger. Stick the left side of the egg onto the card. Stick 4 corners onto green cardboard, cut them out and stick the corners onto the card. HINT: copy the sticker sheet beforehand so you can check how the Easter basket was set up.


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stickervel 7003


stickervel 9301