Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 2502

Starform Transparent Glitter Stickers gold: 1145, 3200, 9501.
Starform Permanent Markers.
Card: beige (13,5x13,5 cm).
Cardboard: beige, cream, burgundy, brown suede paper.
Transparent plastic sheet.

Draw a diagonal cross onto the left inside of the card. Stick 4 corner stickers onto it, the tip facing inwards. Stick 3 more corner sticker onto each surface until you create a square. Cut the cross through until the border of the stickers. Fold the corners backwards and stick them onto the front of the card using foamtape. Stick brown suede paper onto the inside of the card. Stick a sticker square (5,8x5,8 cm) onto cream and
another sticker square (5x5 cm) onto beige cardboard. Stick it in the opening of the card as shown in the example. Stick a bottle, 8 corners and 2 sticker squares (5x5 cm) onto burgundy cardboard and cut the square diagonally in half. Colour the cork and the label of the bottle with Starform Permanent Markers. Stick a burgundy rectangle (3x1,5 cm) behind the middle of 2 wine glasses and then stick them onto transparent plastick sheet. Cut out all stickers and then stick them onto the card as shown in the example.


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Transparent Glitter Stickers


stickervel 1145


stickervel 3200


stickervel 9501


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Permanent Markers

stickervel 5401