Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 1680

Starform Outline Stickers silver: 859, 959, 1144 (2x), 1149.
Starform Text Stickers silver: 362.
Card: pink (12,5x12,5 cm).
Cardboard: white, bright pink, soft pink.
Souflle Deco Rollers.
Foam pads.

Stick a soft pink rectangle (12,5x6 cm) with 1 cm distance along the folding line with sticker borders along the edges. Stick a Christmas tree on it. Cut off a strip (12,5x2 cm) from the right side of the card. Stick 3 circle stickers (Ø 4,3 cm) on bright pink cardboard, cut them out and stick them half on the right side of the card. Place 3 small sticker with Christmas bells, candles and a bird on white cardboard, cut them out 1mm larger and stick them on the circles using foam pads. Stick a soft pink strip (12,5x3 cm) behind the circles on the inside of the card. Colour all stickers and finally stick the text on the card.


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Outline Stickers


stickervel 859


stickervel 959


stickervel 1144


stickervel 1149


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Text Stickers


stickervel 362