Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 1913

Starform Outline Stickers gold: 1144, 1148, 1149.
Card: soft orange (13x13 cm).
Paper: orange, red, white.
Encaustic paper.
Encaustic wax: orange, yellow, red.

Place 4 squares (5x5 cm) of cream paper on 4 squares (5,5x5,5 cm) of orange paper and place this on the card as shown in the example. Transfer wax onto encaustic paper. Leave this to dry and place 20 circles (Ø 1 cm) and 4 circles (Ø 1,5 cm) on it. Cut out the stickers and stick them in the shape of flowers on the squares. Stick dots in the corners of the squares. Place 2 border stickers (9 cm) crossed in the centre of the card. Cut the ends into points. Place a gold square (4,3x4,3 cm) on orange paper, cut it out and place it on a red square (4,8x4,8 cm). Place this in the centre of the card as shown in the example. Make a figure out of circles, corners and ovals on it.


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Outline Stickers


stickervel 1144


stickervel 1148


stickervel 1149