Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 143

Starform Outline Stickers gold: 972, 987.
Card blank: white (12,5x12,5 cm).
Paper: brown, white, patterned christmas paper.
Markers: red, yellow, green.

Cut a square opening (7,5x7,5 cm) from the card and stick patterned Christmas paper behind it. Stick border stickers alongside the opening. Place the candyhouse on white paper, cut out some inner parts and stick it on brown paper as shown in the example. Colour the delicacies on the house with markers. Stick 3 puppets on brown paper and 3 staffs on white paper. Colour the stripes red. Cut out all stickers and stick them on the card. Finally decorate the card with some stars and hearts.


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Outline Stickers


stickervel 972


stickervel 987