Karten mit Starform Stickers

Kartennummer 3825

Starform Velvet Stickers light green: 1149, 7003, light blue: 7100, pink: 7100, beige: 7100.
Starform XL Adhesive Sheets: velvet wit.
Card: pink (12,5x12,5 cm).
Paper: soft orange.
Glitter glue.

Round off the edges of the card. Attach a soft orange rectangle (11x12,5 cm) and a patterned paper rectangle (10x12,5 cm). Stick the bouquet of flowers and the corners on white velvet as shown. Cut the stickers out leaving some space and attach them to the card using foamtape. Finally add the bow and use glitter glue for the hearts of the flowers.

Making backgrounds:
You can easily make your own amazing backgrounds. Just write a text of your choice, such as ‘Best Friends’ six times. Give all texts a different colour and font. Repeat this until you’ve reached the size that is needed for your design. Print it and you’ve made your own background.


   Verwendete Sticker-Blätter Starform Velvet Stickers


stickervel 1149


stickervel 7003


stickervel 7100